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Google Penguin Recovery Services in India

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Google is one of the giant search engines, website being recognized and indexed means a lot to the company. In order to derive traffic from major search engines it is necessary to write quality content and thus build your niche and audience. Companies and individuals work hard in order to retain their place in search engines like Google but as a matter of fact every year there are several updates that change the websites statistics with regard to its ranking on Google search engine. You can see radical drop in your traffic levels after any major update in the Google algorithm.

Similar kind of major Google algorithm update came in April 2012 which penalized a lot of websites for disregarding their webmaster guidelines. These kinds of websites that knowingly or unknowingly had crossed the line got heavily penalized by the search engine giant Google. Most people called it as penalty update but it was not aimed at penalizing the websites rather providing much authentic and excellent experience to users. The websites that had used black hat seo techniques in order to receive higher traffic from the search engine giant were penalized massively and deserved it.

Google penguin update mostly penalized those websites that were using black hat seo techniques like spamdexing. This black hat seo technique spams the search engine and manipulates the indexes in order to make the search engine think a particular webpage is very important thus driving more traffic to the user designated webpage. A lot of websites got penalized due to violation of the guidelines, some recovered the impact partially but some totally got ousted from the business.

If you are facing similar kind of a problem whether it is coming from penguin update or any other update we have the right kind of professionals who can solve your problem with full satisfaction. Our company has evolved over the years gradually and we have kept an eye on the Google updates coming out. Our technical staff is highly qualified to give best penguin recovery services in India and abroad. We are among the top companies who are able to do penguin recovery at a rapid pace. We have recovered a lot of websites from the problems struck on their webpages from penguin update.

There are many bogus companies offering recovery services at cheap rates but do not be deluded, the professionalism and care spiderinfotech reflects is unmatchable. You will be more than happy by taking our services. You can be sure about your recovery by taking into consideration the following:

  • You will be intimated as soon as we start the penguin recovery process so that you can monitor if the service is really helping you.
  • Our top professionals will be in regular contact with you communicating each and everything so that you remain in know of what is going on and what changes we are incurring in your website in order to recover it.
  • Our specialized people will render top notch penguin recovery services and also teach you how you can avoid future pitfalls.

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